Venezuela is living a deep economic and political crisis. On 22  April there will be a presidential election, a crucial test for the government of president Nicolas Maduro. But is this election going to make a real difference? We’ll hear from Latin America experts, journalists and people who are right now in Caracas, to understand what’s going on in the country.

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Latin America specialist Julia Buxton examines the main causes of Venezuela’s current economic disaster, and explains why the opposition to the government never managed to seize power.

Why Bolivarian revolution collapsed after Chavez died?

What are the causes of this economic crisis? The fall of oil prices or Maduro’s political mistakes?

Is there a role of the US and western countries in Venezuelan crisis?

What is the situation of Venezuelan people at the moment?

Why did the big protests of the opposition end? Now what kind of tensions are there?

What can be the solution of this humanitarian crisis?

What should we expect from the next elections? Is it a real opportunity for a change of power?

What is the situation of the opposition?

What do you think about the ban of the main opposition coalition?

What the opposition would do if they come into power?

Many people call Venezuelan government a dictatorship. What do you think about that?

Julia Buxton is an expert on Venezuela and she teaches comparative politics at the Central European University in Budapest. She wrote the article Situation Normal in Venezuela: All Fouled Up for NACLA Report on the Americas.